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Our society is just not biased for women, men get to face constraints too but in different aspects. Biases just create a boundary for us and don't let us be who we want to be.

Gone are the days when men were expected to be the protector of the family and be the strongest to take up challenging tasks and make the right decisions always.

Come on, we all know men can't be right all the time.

"Be the provider of the family financially and the one who must be ambitious and run for material success and always grab the biggest of opportunities."

No way, it's 2020 and we can't let men bear the expectations of our ancestors.

Also come on girls can run. Hi there, Simran!

But jokes apart. Women are equally eligible to do all sorts of stuff that was previously referred to as "manly" stuffs. There are guys who want to stay at home and do their work according to their comfort.

Yes, it is real.


• Respect people who deserve to be respected

• Be considerate about everyone's feeling

• Take care of self and express himself

• Share and divide the workload

• Own up for his mistakes

• Have courage to stand up for what's right

• Be inclusive of other's decisions

Soooo hey, man up is it? Huh?

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