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The evolution of HUWOMAN in a year- dated back to 2017.

Hi, so it’s been 1 year of HUWOMAN already (the term being coined on May 24,2016) and i am late in posting this but hey, here’s a new meaning added to ‘Huwoman’…Check it out!

HUMAN+WOMAN=HUWOMAN,an ode to the woman in everyone of us!

There is a woman in everyone just as there’s a child that resides in each of us.

A woman is considered the creator of life and so is everyone who has his own angle of creativity.

A Huwoman is someone who respects the woman in human beings and also goes through the six stages of life represented by the roll of dice.

In today’s gender-diversity & equality let’s celebrate the Huwoman in each of us.

Even a man can be a HUWOMAN if  he respects the inner woman in him and other women. So are you the one?


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