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✔ The 2020's Show ✔

No doubt, 2020 had been a strict but great teacher to all of us. It was amazing to have some of my friends share what they had learnt from the past year.

Some have gathered confidence, discovered themselves and some have just learnt how humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas or that smell of rain actually comes from bacteria or that the pricing strategy in Sweden is crazy. But it's so great that people had enriched and taken care of themselves in a tough year like 2020. My love goes out to even those who hadn't necessarily achieved something/ been productive throughout but had still continued to work on themselves without quitting.

The ones whose learnings couldn't make it to HuWoman's Instagram handle (check Q/A highlights on are put here so that you, the reader, take some inspiration and apply these learnings in your life.

1. "So basically I learnt that life is short, time goes by very quickly and one must cherish all the moments of college life with friends and that look into the positive aspect of every situation.

The year, 2021, is the year for all of us, hopefully."

Indeed, last year we missed our college and friends a bit more...

2. "Family is what you need always!"

3. "I believe the most important thing I've learned last year, is the importance of learning.

We human beings are nothing but accumulations of every experience we make or every information we perceive.

To have the right character and approach in life, we need to keep on updating ourselves, in every possible context- ideologically and technically. For that to happen we need to maintain a constant dialogue with the environment and absorb every form of healthy information."

4. "Last year taught me that the most important thing is self-love and self-care. It is perhaps the most under-valued thing, yet the most vital. Unless we love ourselves, everything else will go in vain. We should learn to be kinder to ourselves and never compromise our happiness and peace for futile things.

And this year most importantly made me realize the importance of health, about how we have been ignoring our health- from having food with dirty hands to using goods without sanitation.

One thing I can say for sure is that life after Covid-19 will never remain the same."

5. "The best thing I learnt is that you need to stop being a people pleaser instead learn to say NO to their faces, this way you'll be able to realize who your true friend is and who's a bloody fake. About the time you save, work your ass off to achieve what you desire.

No one can help you if you don't wanna help yourself and you can't get this world to respect you unless you grow and go big.

And finally you need to find the small group of people whom you can trust with your eyes closed, they'll be the ones who'll help you.

Start living one day at a time, you never know what the future awaits."

6. "Last year was mostly all about tireless attempts to restore grace and happiness, sometimes through distractions, sometimes through my favorite sports and art and hoping for a kinder year ahead."

7. "You always have the power to deal with hard times and you can always have a positive mindset to handle things better, even though it'll take time. But it's ok to take your time. Because in the end, only you can stabilize/control your mind.❤ "

8. "I am sure last year was very bad for many people. In the beginning, even I was very critical of the year. But now I realized that 2020 was the year that I probably learnt most of the things I know now. I started designing on software, I became better at my hobby of baking, learnt so much about mental health and biggest thing that I learnt was gratitude. So even though it was a bad year for many many people, it was one of the best for me, one that I will never forget :))"

9. "2020 reminded me, nothing is permanent in life and most importantly your loved ones are always there by your side no matter what!"

I hope that everyone continues to do whatever they have learnt or believe in and soars higher and higher! To new beginnings!✨

Happy New Year everyone :))

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