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Rights That Escape

For all the rights we wanted

You told us we had it all wrong

I wish to dedicate us all a song

Love felt as a punishment, but for what sin?

For we chose ourselves our own kin?

What’s wrong in that?

Maybe you feared we had a heart pure and right

We were told to hold our tongue

Where is freedom? To love we clung

You wanted to help humanity

Or was it just one of your show of charity

We all have our reasons

Me existing the way I do has no answer in no seasons

I have heard your love that is normal

Sometimes still fails

Then when my heart loves, what’s so immoral?

In a world so questioning

Wanted to find answers in my sweet tales.

Now to my sweetheart,

The world is a bitter heart

Maybe the ultimate abode will be good at heart.

So up there, shall we meet?

To find answers and complete us

Where they won’t be worldly rush

I will be forever waiting

My veins now leak

My world here is now bleak

So let the stream of red reach you

It will take you to a world that respects our hue.

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