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Int:HerView-3: Not Queerky Enough?

We, the straight people talk about it these days , yes that’s some freedom achieved but the most important day would be the one when the people of the LGBTQ community can openly speak about themselves, their happiness, love and trauma and express it just like the other human beings on the planet without harsh judgements. That will be a mark in history and a true freedom. Sharing here a short interview that I had with one of my childhood friends who happen to be a part of the LGBTQ community now. And I wasn’t so surprised to hear her story because we all know someone who has to feel the way they don’t deserve to be felt. Because society, DUH.

Adding on to that I knew her background and the strict family she had. So I don’t want you to enjoy but open your eyes WIDE and draw attention to the real matter.

Q. How was life before and after coming out?

A. Before it was pretty much okay but after I came out it has not been the same. I lost many friends, my girl friends who were straight started to feel uncomfortable around me but I also felt nice that I could be myself. But there are far worse things like my family trying to kill/hit me/cut off all my friends. They took me to Guruji and said on my face that they wished I wasn’t ever born to them.

Q. How did your family find out?

A. My sister found it all first as she saw my messages with my new girlfriend and she turned her back towards me and complained to my parents. Also I used to go to these pride parades secretly but it’s difficult now that they know.

Q. How did you find out?

A. Somewhere I always knew I was attracted to girls, I could finally express it out loud when I got added to this random online anime group where everyone was so open with their sexuality, supportive and had a positive outlook towards their life.

Q. How has chasing love been for you, how did you cherish it and any heartbreaks?

A. I felt I had a perfect relationship till the time my partner cheated on me. She mentioned her ex(a guy) so often, I guess she missed being with a guy.

Q. What exactly do you identify yourself as?”

A. I think I am queer. It’s an umbrella term. I myself don’t know much and I am not sure. I still have to explore and know myself. I googled as much as possible. Gender doesn’t change my attraction right?

Q. So, finally are you happy with your life and your decisions?

A. Ah, my life has been a lot eventful, bit funny but sucked mostly. If I had a chance, I would redo and reassess and definitely not tell my parents.

So ya that was it. Hope you now understand that these people are a victim of fake sympathy. Sometimes they trust so much that they feel confident enough to confide their secret. But then there are also people they have to face who are against their existence.

They want to live a happy, non-pretentious life just like us. We say family is the closest but little do we know that sometimes strangers are the one who make us feel at home. They are non-judgemental and supportive. LGBTQ community should have all the rights we straight people have. They too go through the same emotions a human is capable of. We must make people who we come across feel good about themselves and accept their flaws, right? Their flaws make them unique. But, this whole community is not a flaw, it’s the way they came out(of their mother’s womb).

All the support and all the love that we talk of is equally valid for all human beings because all lives matter. I will repeat, “ALL LIVES MATTER.”

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