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FUNdamental rights

Women are an integral part of our society.

They surely do run the world. I believe women have the power to change the world to its better version because they simply start from the grass-root level of the problems.They try to understand the cause, but ever wondered what women want? To know them, you gotta understand them. Believe me, I am a woman, take it from me.

So what do women really want?

•Prejudice-free society

•Share of workload

•Access to public places without being judged

•Free from the fear of being ogled at, molested, groped,etc...

• Her choices not getting ignored/suppressed

And last but not the least, we want equality, equal rights and respects. We just wanna have Fundamental rights!

If there is still so much to make free, then think twice if the current world is still the one you want to see!

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